It’s Called “Integrity”


         in-teg’-ri-ty: noun.

       The quality or state of being of sound moral principle; uprightness, honesty and sincerity.



Do you establish lines you won’t cross? Be true to your principles and conscience, and people will respect you for your integrity.

Last week, a prospective new client asked me to guarantee 1,000 new Likes for his Facebook page in one week. Can I do it? Yes.Will I do it? NO. For one thing, I’d have to violate Facebook’s Terms of Service to accomplish it. Additionally, those click-farm Likes won’t be the least bit interested in his business, because most of them will come from pay-for-Like click banks in countries we can barely pronounce on the opposite side of the world, so they’re pretty worthless. But, hey, the numbers look good, right? Last, even though he’ll see the number he wants, he won’t enjoy any other results, like leads or interaction from followers, or engagement, which will make him feel he wasted his money. That’s a surefire recipe for an unhappy client. It’s not easy to walk away from good money, but my reputation is at stake!

Has anyone ever asked you to compromise your principles? Leave a comment and share how you handled it.


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