Running your business is about to get easier.

Now more than ever, using a marketing firm like Gelmtree Advertising can save you money. To survive a challenging economy, business people just like you have had to accomplish more with fewer resources. And about the only consistent result you can expect when you wear too many hats is a headache.

That’s why outsourcing makes good business sense. Instead of tackling tasks that are unfamiliar and cumbersome, your time and energy stay focused on your area of expertise. Outsourcing also gives you access to the caliber of talent you may not be able to justify as an employee; people who are experts in their field. It’s why we use a CPA to do our taxes.

marketing hatWhen we wear our Marketing Consultant hat, we partner with you to develop some marketing mojo that actually generates results. That’s way more fun than wasting money on stuff that’s not working! The Mark Twain quote above has become our mission, and it doesn’t take a marketing budget the size of Coca-Cola’s to make it happen.

Think of us as your Marketing-Director-For-Rent.